Genetic Counselling

Our team of doctors at Precision Diagnostic Centre  will discuss your history, and offer families with pregnancy complications the advanced fetal diagnostic and clinical resources.

We make sure you receive the best possible care.

Evaluation of your family history.
Our genetic counselors will discuss the health of your pregnancy and make recommendations based on your family’s history.

Advice about non-invasive and minimally invasive tests.
When you need help understanding the purpose, risks, benefits and limits of diagnostic procedures, our genetic counselors will talk with you about what to expect.

Compassionate family counseling.
It can be difficult to navigate the emotional challenges that surround the diagnosis of a fetal condition. Our genetic counselors are here to provide you with support when you need it.

Compassionate family counseling.
When a fetal treatment is a possibility, our genetic counselors act as your advocate to help you understand the situation and to make sure you and your unborn baby receive the best possible care.