Fetal Diagnosis

A number of potentially fatal birth defects can be detected before birth because of the advanced imaging and diagnostics available at Precision Diagnostic Centre for Fatal Medicine.

High-risk pregnancies involve rare medical conditions not seen in a routine pregnancy. Detection of these conditions typically requires special knowledge, expertise, testing methods and equipment. An early and accurate diagnosis is vital to clarifying the plan of treatment for high-risk pregnancies and improving the outcome.

Specialists at the Precision Diagnostic Centre Centre for Fatal Medicine use a variety of high-tech tools to assess and diagnose fatal conditions. Some of the commonly used diagnostic tools include:

Ultrasound scan to assess structural abnormalities

Ultrasound scan to assess fetal health

Fetal echocardiography

Imaging the fetal heart with ultrasound technology to understand the fetal cardiac structure, function and rhythm.
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Advanced imaging

Invasive Procedures