Dr. Swati Kshirsagar


Ex - Head of Radiology department, Wokhardt (Fortis) Hospital, Kalyan (W)
Ex - Consultant, Lilavati Hospital, Bandra (W)
Consultant at Cloud 9 Hospital, Malad (W)

Dr. Dilip Kshirsagar


Director of Anumaan Diagnostic Centre,Kalyan

PRECISION Diagnostic and genetic centre in Borivali, Mumbai has been started with a passion for Advanced imaging by Dr Dilip Kshirsagar and Dr Swati Kshirsagar . Both undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mumbai University from B Y L Nair charitable hospital and medical college ,Mumbai. Both of them were trained in Xray , ultrasonography ,color Doppler and Mammography from renowned institutes in Mumbai .

Dr Swati Kshirsagar completed her MD in January 2001 with a 2nd Rank in Mumbai university. Dr Swati Kshirsagar is one of the few Indian doctors who have obtained certificate of competence in Fetal abnormalities from FMF UK, (FMF ID: 92185) .

In her constant quest for knowledge,Dr Swati went on to study Fetal medicine,advanced fetal echocardiography ,completed her training in advanced imaging in Infertility and gynaecology from stalwarts of the respective specializations at National & international levels.

She had an unique opportunity to obtain a diploma in fetal interventions from Ian Donald School Europe where she was tutored and mentored by the pioneers and stalwarts in Europe. She also has obtained certificate of competence in IOTA (International ovarian tumour analysis), Belgium .

When she came back home, to Mumbai, Both of them set up a state of the art Diagnostic and Genetic centre which would not only provide patients ,the latest in Fetal medicine ,Gynacology Imaging but also in Mammography .

Precision Diagnostic Centre is one of the few Centres in Mumbai offering the facility of Sono-Hysterosalphingography which is used for the work up of Infertility management. Dr Dilip kshirsagar has special interest in Paediatric and Neonatal Ultrasonography . He is also an expert of Imaging in male infertility factors. Dr Dilip and Dr Swati Kshirsagar understand the need of time to be patient-centric to provide the healthcare at the ground level and to constantly improve and update the knowledge and to focus on quality, outcome, and cost – everything combined but also ensure it is affordable and accessible.

Ours is the unique centre where the State of the art imaging is offered to the entire family under one roof.